Friday, May 13, 2005

spring has sprung, word up.

the seasons have officially changed: butch is back on the stoop. oh, there were a couple of late winter sojourns...but now that he's out there every night--and every day, seriously, i don't know when the man sleeps--i feel like spring is really here.

butch talks pretty much nonstop--to his boys who come to visit him, or into his phone--and his signature phrase is "word up". actually more like "worrrdup". sometimes he throws in a "worrrdup, man, worrrdup." i'd say his rate is about 2 worrrdups every 5 minutes. i think it's going to beat out "mama" for wile's first word (up). and though sometimes at 2am i wish he'd shut the hell up, i like butch and like having him holding court out there--it's like a neighborhood watch program.

so you can keep your daffodils, your tulips, your robins--on my block, we've got butch. worrrdup.

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