Saturday, May 14, 2005

does the baby have large talons?

wednesday night stephen and i noticed some really red redness on mr. baby man's happy zone.* the next morning it was even redder and a little raw and oozy, so i called the doctor. when she called me back, she left a message--b/c of course i missed the call--saying that if it was a ring around his thang to get to the emergency room right away, but if it was just "denuded" skin to call back and make an appointment.

so of course i had a few minutes of freaking out whether it was a ring and oh my god should we rush to the emergency room before it just falls the hell off?? but then i decided it wasn't a ring, and called back and made an appointment for the next morning.

then, even though i could tell myself in the rational front of my mind that it was nothing serious, i had 12 hours of horrible things running through the back of my mind:
it's hepatitis-b and i'm a bad mother for not getting him the vaccination!
he's going to be sterile!
i let him eat bread at the restaurant the other day and now he's got some terrible wheat allergy!
it's irritation from the cloth diapers and i'm a bad mother for not putting him in disposables!
i didn't clean his hand off well enough after he touched the pole in the subway the other day and now he's got baby herpes!

so, the diagnosis? after a quick look, the doctor told us that she was pretty sure it was...a self-inflicted wound. yeah....

i guess i'm going to have to cut his nails more often. cause lord knows i'm not going to get him to stop touching it.

(* tm some espn baseball announcer a couple of years ago who described a pitch that was in some batter's wheelhouse as being in his "happy zone". hee.)

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