Thursday, May 19, 2005

afternoon in the garden

when the little man and i got back from our walk to the epicerie to pick up some stuff for dinner and to the playground for some swinginating, he was content chiling in his stroller so i took the opportunity to do some weeding and pruning. the columbine was blooming...

the boo was happy....

...and then...well, see if you can spot the problem in this picture here:

do you see it? do you see the flatbead truck carrying the person in the bear suit and the two hucksters with microphones and the 10-foot speakers? rolling down my peaceful street??? they were from the metro christian center, and they were coming for the children. apparently they have sunday school at the m.c.c. every saturday (yes, you read that right) and if you sign up, they'll send a bus to come pick up your children and take them sun(satur)day school (and, presumably, bring them back). no word on whether the bear would be on the bus. but he would be at sun(satur)day school, and it would be fun, fun, fun, fun!

and i thought the jehovah's witnesses knocking on my door were bad. at least they don't come equipped with a sound system.

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