Wednesday, May 18, 2005

i'm just not that into her, pt. 2

she replied to my email.

again i hesitated a couple of seconds before sucking i up and opening it, was totally sane and reasonable. she thanked me for responing, and said that my change of heart was sad but that it was my choice and she wouldn't press me. then she asked me to send back this shawl she had lent me when i was pregnant, and i was kicking myself a little b/c i totally meant to ask for her address to send back the damn shawl in my email. i replied that of course i would send the shawl, that i had meant to ask for her address, that i wished her all the best, good-bye.

so all in all i was pleasantly surprised, sitting there looking at the screen thinking "wow, how nice and neat, no drama, she seems to have taken this really we—" and that's when the second email popped into my in-box. and i thought, "ah, now that's the ellen i know and am trying to run from....."

the second email was exactly what i thought the first one would be: asking me to reconsider, asking what she had done to lead me to make this decision, asking if we couldn't talk it over, making reference to the hard time she'd been going through with her sick mother.... it was all there. i could have written it myself. thankfully she also asked for my address to send wile's gift, so i could get away with replying just with our address and a thank you and another "wishing you all the best" rather than really addressing her questions/requests, b/c honestly, i don't know what i would have said. "no, it's nothing that you've done, i just don't like you enough to want to continue to keep in touch"? don't think i could have found a good way to word that.

so far, no more replies. hopefully the message has been gotten.


sassy said...
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sassy said...

but now she knows your address? doesn't that worry you?

hey mama said...

little bit. but hopefully she won't go so far as to actually come here.... and anyway i always peek out the window before i open the door to check that it's not religious people....