Thursday, May 12, 2005


pookiellama is my favorite nickname for my baby. i don't know where it exactly came doesn't have any special meaning; i'm not really into llamas (though i do love "how to get to llama school" from sifl & olly, and, of course, tina, you fat lard). and this isn't going to be a baby-specific site.
so why pookiellama? i like the sound of it. i say it at least 50 times a day. and though not baby-specific, there's going to be a whole lot of baby here, since that is my main gig right now. first choice was taken. by someone who hasn't posted in a year and a half. so, that's my pookiellama up there. aka poo, llams, boo, the boo, mr. boo, monkey man, potato, little man, mr. baby man, baby monster.
so why a blog at all? i decided to do this on a whim, but i think the whim came from the need/want to do something creative, which i haven't been doing lately. not that mothering isn't creative, but i guess i'm looking for a change from the "how can i distract him while i change this diaper?" kind of creativity....

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