Thursday, May 26, 2005

chicken chicken chicken i'm a finger lickin' winner

so to the surprise of absolutely no one, our son is a carnivore.

we've been giving mr. baby man the solid foods for about 3 months now, and he really hasn't been all that interested. he ate the rice cereal that we started him out on and seemed happy with it, but that was about 60% breastmilk so i don't think it really counts. he hated regular potatoes and applesauce, and tolerated mushed peas, sweet potatoes, bananas, and avocado but never really got too excited about them. he was far more interested in playing with the spoon, and would eventually look at me like "okay, i let you get two little microscopic bites into my mouth and didn't spit them out, can we break out the boobs now?"

stuff he could hold in his hands has been a little more successful—teething biscuits, rice cakes (aka "mess cakes"), melba toast brought to him by cooing waitresses, peas, bread. but still....he just didn't seem too amped up about anything.

until tonight.

the boo and i went around the corner to the spanish restaurant and got half a rotisserie chicken, which i was intending to shred up and use to make some chicken soup for me and stephen and our colds for dinner. when we got home, i was snacking on the wing, and wile, who was still on my hip in the sling, was reaching out for i put him in the high chair, ripped up some nice white meat for him, turned away to retrieve the wing for myself, turned back....and half of what i had given him was gone and he was smiling at me through a mouthful of half-chewed chicken. i waited for the inevitable spit-out (i had been sprayed with banana earlier in the afternoon), but it never came. he swallowed all of the chicken in his mouth and then put more in and chewed and swallowed that too. and then he looked up at me like, "now that's more like it! make with the bird flesh!" i gave him more. and he ate it all. i gave him some more. and he ate that too. we sat in the kitchen for like 20 minutes—an eternity, in baby time!—eating chicken. it was way too exciting.

next up: pork chops!


mad said...

Say it ain't so!! My favorite baby is a carnivore ... but of course. Your house turns us innocent's one by one ... soon he'll be eating meat on the bone. *sigh* Not that I can lie ... chicken wings are damn good ... damn you schwarz-couse's!

sassy said...

i couldn't be less surprised. good job baby man!! perhaps that tummy will feul a long night's sleep???

fat asian baby said...

What a relief! I was beginning to think he was no relation of mine.