Sunday, May 15, 2005

lou, i'm feeling you

today was a perfect day.

first of all, it was warm enough that i could wear a tank top, and it smelled like spring and even a little bit like summer....

i woke up at 7:15 and stephen and the boo were still sleeping, so i got up and took a long hot shower all by myself, then got to make a cup of tea and putter around downstairs a little bit before they got up, and stephen did the first diaper change.

we made burgers on the grill for lunch with the awesome organic beef, just-picked bibb lettuce, hydroponic tomatoes, and ciabatta that we got at the farmer's market yesterday, plus big slices of deli pickles, and we ate out in the yard on the blanket. the sun was out but not too hot, and we listened to the mets game* and talked and watched the boo smear a rice cake all over his face.

after lunch we packed the boo into the stroller and walked into fort greene to pick up a couple of plants and it rained a little, but it was a nice, light rain, not cold. i got some purple-and-orange violets from the sweet stoned men at the rasta shop on vanderbilt and dekalb. on the way home we took a scoop around to greene and checked out the community gardens in hopes of getting the boo to fall alseep, which of course he did just as we were pulling up to our gate.... so stephen went around the block again while i started doing my planting, and when they got back the boo was out cold and slept for a good hour in the stroller while i gardened and stephen sat on the steps and drank a beer in the sun and listened to the yankees game.

when the boo woke up charlie brought his grandson cody aka maurice over and the two newest residents of the block finally got to meet. between cody's little afro and the boo's insane curls, there was some epic baby hair going on.

and possibly the most exciting part of the day: stephen put wile to bed and got him to go down, without having to call me in, with no crying.

stephen and i had a perfect spring dinner—fingerling potatoes with anchovy dressing and ramps with bacon—and then he went out to see built to spill at southpaw, who i have no interest in seeing, and i am getting some alone time, sitting here doing this and listening to the purple mix tape.


[*even the fact that the mets lost can't really mar the perfectness—i'm more okay with losing to the cardinals, who i respect (even though they didn't show up in the series last year), than losing to some other team. i mean, you have to like the puhols. and i've had a thing for jim edmonds for years now....]


sassy said...

i want a purple mix tape!

hey mama said...

yes, you do. i'l bring our external hard drive over soon and give all kinds of goodies.