Wednesday, May 25, 2005

(boy and fatty): a desperate cry for their safe return!

today we are proud to bring you a guest post from aunt sarah, aka sassy, which comes at a perfect time as i have been hit with a nasty cold and have absolutely nothing interesting to say—unless you really want to hear about the intricacies of trying to blow your nose while holding a squirming 9-month old... so, without further ado:

on my way home from work monday night a posting on a neighborhood newspaper stand caught my eye. at first (glance i was) saddned by the news of this woman's loss of two of her precious puppies. but as (i read) on, i the flyer provided me with far more entertainment value than a girl could ever hope for on (her walk) home from work! i instantly decided this was too awesome not to share. (enjoy)!!


if you'd like to see a larger version to really get a good look at the weirdness, click here.

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