Tuesday, June 07, 2005

nine-and-a-half pounds of fury

our cats were found in a welding shop in williamsburg, when they were about 2 months old, by two girls who already owned two adult cats who were not down with having kittens around the apartment. so they put up signs, and sarah saw one and immediately called me, as stephen and i had just moved in together and were on the hunt for the some cat flesh. the signs specifically said that they wanted whoever took the cats had to take both of them, which was perfect for us, so we went to meet them. the girls who found them told us that the reason they wanted them not to be separated was that the little girl was very shy and skittish and they weren’t sure if she would make it without her big brother.

i look back on that statement now and i think: ha!!!!!

last weekend syd was in town and came over with her dog henry for an afternoon barabeque. i was upstairs putting the boo down for a nap when she got here, and when i came down i ran in to stephen coming up from the yard, and he said to me "lulu attacked sydney. there's lots of blood." oh dear. when syd got back from her trip to the dollar store to get band-aids, i got the whole story:

stephen, truck, and lulu were in the yard; lulu was reclining under the adirondack chair on the side of the yard, truck was in the bushes in the back of the yard. all of the sudden henry burst into the yard, and went straight over to say hi to lulu, who puffed and spit and basically told him back the fuck up, which he did. but then he went over to where truck was, and that's where the real trouble started. lulu came out from under her chair, fur puffed up to three times her normal size, and stalked across the yard to where syd was trying to hold henry back. trucky bugged out and flew inside, but lulu still advanced, like a little, stripey terminator. syd put out her arm to try to keep lulu back from her obvious mission to make confetti of henry's snout, and lulu reared up on her little back haunches and went all wolverine on her ass, gouging the back of her hand and her forearm. there were many, many band-aids.

i'm a little scared of her myself.


sassy said...

that devil cat! she's a scary beatch!

martha j. said...

that picture looks familiar...brad's a great photographer!!!