Wednesday, June 22, 2005

it's not all whining and sleep-deprivation, really!

i've been thinking lately that many of my posts have been about my little lover boy's less endearing qualities, and that i should balance that out with some happier tales, 1) in fairness to him, and 2) because i'd like him to have some playmates eventually....

so here's one:

today we were sitting on the bed and he realized that he could fall backwards and it wouldn't hurt, so we spent ten minutes playing "falling"—he would tip over and we would laugh hysterically, then i'd help him sit up, he'd look at me and raise his eyebrows, and then tip over again. more laughing. then i'd bite his fat thighs and he'd laugh even harder.

and here's another one:

last week we laid side by side on the blanket out in the backyard for about ten minutes just watching the ivy blow in the wind. he would watch the ivy wave around, then look at me like "mama, did you see that?? that was so cool." then we'd both look back at the ivy and wait for the next gust of wind.

yes, the good bits only last about ten minutes. but i only need a short spurt of complete happiness to keep me going.

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sassy said...

phew! i can finally reply! excuse the delay, i was experiencing technical difficulties.

what a lovely entry. a wee tear filled my eye.