Thursday, June 09, 2005

if this lasts till he's 15 months old you may have to have me committed

as the wise and witty dooce has already described my current situation just about to a tee, i won't even try to do any better.

here's a pookiellama-specific example: i pick him up from the changing table. he stretches his hand out to the mantle, where his stuffed animals live, and makes that "eeeeeeehhhhhhhh!!!!!" noise that haunts my dreams. we walk over there, and i wait for him to reach out and grab whichever animal he seems to be pining for with every fiber of his being, but he doesn't. he just continues to reach out and make the noise. i walk him up and down the lineup: "who do you want to see? pooh? elephant? piggles? seal? for the love of god, who??" still, he doesn't grab anybody, just continues to hold out the hand and "eeeeehhhhhhhhh!!!", like whatever it is that he so desperately wants is in the chimney or something. after about 2 fun-filled minutes of this, i just have to walk away. to another part of the house. where we will repeat this exercise, with slight variations on substance and style. the squishing sound you hear is me biting my tongue to stop from yelling "stick a cork in it, fat boy!"


love you, wile!

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