Tuesday, June 28, 2005

lulu strikes again!!!

yesterday morning stephen and i were performing the dangerous and unpleasant (though, honestly, always amusing) task of grooming trucky. this time it thankfully didn't involve the butt area—no, we were just trimming some kitty dreadloacks off his haunch, cause, you know, the haunches are sooooo hard to reach with your tongue, there's just no way he should be expected to keep the haunch fur clean and untangled! noooooo!

so stephen was containing the front paws and i had his rear end in a vice grip and was weilding the scissors. and though i'm being super careful and definitely not nicking his tender kitty flesh at all, he's raising a huge fuss, hollering and yowling like the drama queen that he is.

as i'm about to finish, i can see lulu out of the corner of my eye, approaching from my right. i honestly figure she's just coming to laugh at him. but then she jumps up on the arm of the couch next to me, peeks over, says "unhand my brother, you wench!", and reaches over and claws me in the thumb! i scream, she goes flying, trucky goes flying, blood is running down my hand, stephen is yelling at lulu, and wile is starting to whimper.

so, how was your morning?

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