Saturday, February 10, 2007

would you like me to gift-wrap that for you?

the freecycle hilarity continues....

i put up a post back in december offering up the crib that wile never slept in, a universal stroller that wile never rode in, and a copy of what to expect the first year. the stroller went right away, but i never got any replies about the crib or the book. i wasn't that surprised that the crib didn't get any takers—it's a 3rd generation hand-me-down, at least 15 years old, and i think people are picky about cribs meeting these safety standards that i've heard tell about.... i thought somebody would bite at the book, but after a week or so with no replies, i completely forgot about it.

then, a couple of days ago, i got this email:

Is the baby book still available ? I would be interested in reading

it, except it will be difficult for me to pick it up in this
weather, with my baby. Is there any way you could post it or drop it
off ? Thanks.

post? drop off? exsqueeze me? freecycle is the cyber equivilent of putting stuff out on your stoop for the passersby to loot. it doesn't include delivery.

so i had to ask where this crazy lady was located, since i had clearly put my neighborhood in my post, and i had to see just how nutball her request for me to "drop it off" was.... answer: "Coney Island Avenue and Avenue J, right next to Rite Aid."

oooohhhhhh! right next to the rite aid! of course! the rite aid on coney island avenue and avenue j! which is about as far from my house as, say, new jersey?

i wrote back and told that she could send me $5 and i'd drop it in the mail for her. no reply. shocking.

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