Monday, February 05, 2007


"i would never have kids here! i could never carry the stroller up and down the subway stairs, that looks like hell! i feel so sorry for those poor women! it looks like a nightmare! like hell! oh my god! and if they're not in the stroller you have to carry them, because everyone's knocking in to you.... oh my god. i couldn't. plus, you know, it seems like the kids here are, i don't know, so oversaturated. like, too much stimulus, too much culture.... "

that's nice, dear. now go back to iowa.

1 comment:

casey said...

too much stimulus?
too much *culture*??


i suppose that's a concern if you're looking to raise ignorant zombie children or something. (i don't know - i couldn't think of good adjectives there.)

go back to iowa, indeed.