Tuesday, February 13, 2007

sick of it

so, we're in day of what i thought was going to be another 24-hour stomach bug. yeah, not so much. we're on hour 89. knock on every available surface and cross all digits, stephen and i haven't been hit. yet. i'm feeling a little bit squiffy right now, but that could just be from lack of sleep and power of suggestion.

a recap of the past four days:

> another illness, another sleeping-in-odd-spot photo op:

> i think i can now recite line-for-line the four episodes of bob the builder that we have on the dvr. on the other hand, though, it's made me thankful all over again that this is the show that wile is obsessed with. it's sweet, simple, has cute otters and badgers.... it could be so so much worse. at stephen's aunt's christmas eve party, all the kids ended up upstairs, and one of the dads turned on a dora the explorer video to "entertain" them. dear sweet baby jesus. it was hands down the most awful piece of dreck i've ever seen. i mean, i understand that it's "educational", but....oy. that shit would feel condescending to a 2-week old. physically painful. thankfully, wile was completely uninterested. smart man.

> i've decided that i much prefer barf to the alternative. you know....the other end? the majority of the barf has made it into a pot or other acceptable receptacle. it's there, it's gone, it doesn't smell too bad. the diaper barf (as i've started to call it), on the other hand, smells worse than anything i can imagine, and necessitates a trip into the tub for some hosing down. not. fun.

> last night we hit the low point of the sick. bath went fine, going to bed went fine, stephen and i watched keifer fuck some shit up, then, around midnight, we got the call through the monitor... we both ended up in wile's bed, where he proceeded to lie on his back and screech "eeeeennnnhhhh! wile's tummy huuuuuurt!" for at least 40 minutes. while screeching, he wanted to have his stuffed animals balanced on his tummy, and every time one of them fell, he would have a leg-kicking, fist-pounding, hissy fit. and if stephen or i tried to help with the animals, or suggest lying a different way or drinking some tea, he punished us by trying to pierce our eardrums. by the time he calmed down, i was in tears. it was like chinese water torture: screech!....silence, silence, but you know another one is coming.....screech!! and on and on....

> did i mention that he also didn't nap yesterday? no nap! we hung out on his bed for an hour or so, but no sleeping. so i didn't get to sleep or get time by myself. result? my patience levels drop to negative infinity.

> stephen just emailed me that his head is swimmy and his stomach is funny. now i really need a nap....

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