Wednesday, February 21, 2007


in the past month, wile's verbal skillz have gone through the damn roof, accelerating from one-word answers to run-on sentences that seem to stretch from here to next tuesday. and i've realized in the last week or so that he's really sharpened up his pronunciation skillz, which is making me a little sad. so i'd like to have a moment of silence, if we could, for the death of the following "words" from wile's vocab:

"hippo" is no longer "fwahtuh" (yes, i realize "fwuhtuh" sounds nothing in the slightest like "hippo").

"pancakes" are no longer "pangshee".

"stroller" is no longer "zhowzha".

"backhoe" is much less frequently "bat-bo".

thankfully, "little" is still "yodi", and "elephant" is still "en-sant", "ravioli" are still "ravi-rolly", and "popsicle" is "poptwan."

and the new word that has had the most impact on our lives is "what cause?", which has led us to many conversations much like the following:

"wile hold that cream while mama put it on?"

"sure, you can hold the tube while i'm putting the cream on you."

"wile hold it?"


"what cause?"

"because, um, it's okay if you hold it."


"mama what?"

"mama hold it?"

"no, thanks."

"what cause?"

"because i thought you wanted to hold it."

"what cause?"

"because you said you wanted to hold it."

"what cause?"

"because you wanted to hold it"

"what cause?"

"i....have no idea."

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