Wednesday, September 14, 2005

siegfried and wile

i think i've found the most entertaining thing on earth: letting wile "play" with trucky with the kitty teaser. oh. my. god. i don't know who laughs harder, me or wile. sadly, trucky doesn't seem to be laughing at all....

first i showed wile how to do it, and he started laughing so hard that he was snorting and hiccuping. then i handed it over to him. after a few tentative swipes...

5 great iPhotos

5 great iPhotos

...he started wielding it like a bullwhip, whipping it back and forth like a fly fisherman on crystal meth. observe:

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trucky tried to hang in there, he really did...

5 great iPhotos

i wish i had been able to get a better angle on trucky's face, which was so clearly saying "ow! no! that's not how the game is ow! played! ow! why??"

eventually he decided to just observe from a safe distance:

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so trucky had a rough afternoon, but wile has learned an important life lesson: nothing is funnier than a cat spazzing out.

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casey said...

i know it's funnier to actually see it happening, but i'm cracking up just imagining it!