Thursday, September 15, 2005

or "duffel skank", if you'd prefer

lulu has a thing for sleeping on luggage, bags, purses, etc. she prefers, of course, to burrow into the bag. but if she can't, she's just as content to lie on top of it. she's even been known to drape her stripey little body over my clutches, which cannot be comfortable... this all has earned her the nickname "tote ho".

so if i saw lulu like this:


and stephen asked me where she was, i'd say "oh, she's ho'in' it up in the dining room". heh.

then last week, when i asked him why he didn't get me a free bag from some event he had been to, and he asked me if i relly needed another canvas bag, stephen observed that i'm something of a tote ho myself....

so, fine. i'll wear the ho badge with pride. but i want to make it clear that though i do have a rather large collection of totes, i don't feel the need to curl up on them.

at least not when anyone's looking....

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