Thursday, September 22, 2005

i haven't been hiding it on purpose, i'm just a flake

so some of you already know this, but i have another blog.

it's just a photo blog, of pictures of you-know-who, that i started so that i could share photos with people (read: family members) who don't need to read my ramblings.

many times the photos that go there also go here, but sometimes there are ones there that don't make it here. so you can check it out if you'd like double the fat baby goodness.


jessica bean said...

in some of wile's recent pics he looks like he might be walking (esp the ones with the football jersey). is it true...?

hey mama said...

so close.... but not yet. he can stand up holding on to something with only one hand, which is major progess, and he can "creep" along the couch, but no actual walking. i can't wait....i'm tired of scraping the dirt off his hands and shins at the end of every day! he's getting a permanent grayish tinge to the skin of his knees....