Wednesday, September 28, 2005

a cute story about the baby, interrupted by a short rant

it all started with the monkey (speaking of starting with monkeys, the whole case going on in pennsylvania is making me alternately furious and terrified. there are already so many ways that the separation of church and state is breached—don't get me started on the pledge of allegiance—but this is batshit insane. science class is not the place to be teaching a creation myth! okay, yeah, whatever, they're not specifically teaching the biblical created-in-6-days myth, but they are putting out there that an "intelligent designer" exists. which is, to put it politely, purely speculation. i realize that as an atheist i'm in the minority in this country, but i was pretty sure that the constitution protected me from having my kid proselytized to at school).

so, yeah, anyway....where was i? right: the monkey.

aunt sarah gave wile an awesome stuffed monkey, who we like to cuddle with. so i started having the monkey give wile kisses, and when that seemed to be going well, started asking wile to give the monkey a kiss. and i think because he was trying to get his jaws around the monkey's muzzle, as it is his constant quest to put everything he comes in contact with into his mouth, he would open his mouth wide when he went in for the kiss. so when we then moved on to "now give mommy a kiss", i got a pretty good view of his tonsils.

i love the open-mouth kiss—the trick is to pick one lip, upper or lower—but i think it confuses some people when i say "give _____ a kiss" and all of the sudden mr. baby man is bearing down on them like a 7th-grader hell bent on learning how to french.

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mad said...

Having experienced Wile's open mouth baby kiss ... i have to say - nothing makes me happier.** Except perhaps when he goes in for the kiss ... then gives you a devilish grin and shoves your face with all his might the other direction. Then he giggles with his two bottom teeth showing ... heartbreaker!

**Although the kiss is entirely reminiscent of junior high and was very nearly scandalous enough to break my celibacy vow.