Sunday, August 21, 2005

no go joe lee

people, i have failed you.

we went up to pratt to stalk, and came up empty. no dressing room trailers, no camers, no ethiopian adoptees. apparently wherever they were having the pratt campus stand in for does not play a major role in the movie. that, or deniro is running a clint eastwood-style shoot and they filmed like 1/4 of the movie in one day.

so, sadly, i cannot confirm or deny the pregnancy rumors. although i guess i could start one. hey, yeah! "filming on location at pratt university of the good shepherd was cut short due to complications with star angelina jolie's pregnancy, speculate local sources. 'one day they were there,' our source tells us, 'then they were totally gone. it seemed very suspect, and probably has something to do wth the love child she's carrying. i can think of absolutely no other good reason why they wouldn't still be there when i went to stal—um, i mean, visit her.'"

should i call page six, or do you want to?


sassy said...

she's so knocked up!

aunt syd said...

I think they may have been here this last week!!! I'll check my sources and get back to you.