Friday, August 26, 2005

meg and syd, this one's for you


behold, the glory that is the chicken wing!


when stephen saw this picture from a few feet away, he asked "what is wile doing a shot of?"


happiness is chicken grease all the hell over your face.

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aaaaand we've moved on to ribs! please look at the way his fingers are glistening....

10 great iPhotos

i can't say i've ever seen this look on his face from, say, cheerios.....


mad said...

this child C-L-E-A-R-L-Y needs more time with auntie Meg ... to show him how NOT okay meat on the bone is. (You can still eat the meat, but if you make a disgusted enough face your friends cut it off the bone for you. And then, my dear fat baby, you can be a civilized, un-caveman-esque baby.) Trust me ... auntie Meg will reward you greatly for coming to her side.

sarper said...

go wile!!! eating meat off the bone is possilby the most liberating and satisfying experiences life serves to us! live it up greaseboy! i love you!!