Friday, August 26, 2005

first you go to pico....*

in the past week, my little somnolantly-challenged monkey boy has been doing some kick-ass sleeping. a couple of nights ago, he slept for a 5 hour stretch, which, all the baby books keep telling me, is the technical definition of "sleeping through the night" (though somethimes i feel like they just say that to make all the sleep-deprived mothers feel better...). so how are we celebrating this? by catching a 7am flight to colorado on saturday morning! 7am! which means we have to be up at like 5! and then when we get there, we'll be in a different time zone! and then on sunday night, we're going to a wedding and leaving him with a babysitter he's never met before, which should equal some very uneasy sleeping! and then on monday, we're catching a flight home that lands at 11pm! 11pm! can you picture what an overtired, overstimulated baby whose internal clock is all fuckered up is going to look like around 10pm on a crowded commercial flight? i can!

pray for me.

* a prize to anyone besides stephen who can tell me what that line is from....


Anonymous said...

can i extoll the virtues of ambien?

hey mama said...

has the fda approved the baby ambien yet?

Anonymous said...

oh we're working on it.