Wednesday, October 18, 2006


i need to ask a favor.

remember when this happened?

well, i've gotten over it and found a new love. and i've fallen hard, people.

the critics love it, but the word on the street (or, i should say, on the internet) is that it's not doing so well in the ratings, and though nbc says they're committed to it, it could be on it's way to.......cancellation. nooooooo!

so, all i'm asking is this: check it out. go on. just one episode. you can even watch on line.

the problem seems to be that a lot of potential viewers (possibly like you) are saying "a show about football? not for me, thanks anyway." but this show is about football like moby dick was about a whale. stop laughing. i'm serious. it's about family and fleeting glory and the pressures of a crazy-ass small town and hot teenage boys. i've cried at least once during every episode i've watched so far.

and ladies, if you're not convinced, let me just say this. thank you, and goodnight.

edited to add: see, i'm not alone!


Anonymous said...

so, i was just catching up on pookiellama and then started reading dooce. her entry today? a reference to her segment on alpha mom that resembles your friday night lights plug.
-jessica bean

Terra said...

Really, instead of Gilmore Girls? And I already watch Dancing with the Stars during the commercials, so it's really my third option. Okay, maybe I'll change to FNL instead of DwtS during the commercials.

hey mama said...

j - what can i say, great minds...... :)

t - sadly, i missed the 1st couple of seasons of gilmore girls and am constitutionally unable to jump into a show partway through......