Monday, October 02, 2006

hissy has left the building

and i am 75% okay with that.

she left on friday morning, and i'm much better now. i still miss her and worry that her new parents aren't giving her as much love as we were. that they're not letting her sleep on their pillows at night, and that she doesn't curl up into a little ball and start purring when they pick her up like she did with me. that she had imprinted on to me as her new mama and is now feeling abandoned.

but really, we just couldn't keep her. there was too much of this:



and really, i think she went to a good place. the woman who took her said that her last cat had gotten out of their house and gotten lost and though they searched for her for a long time and even scoured the local pet shelters, they never found her. so it's not like she was going to a novice cat owner. and hissy will be growing up with the woman's son, who is 14 months. so that's nice to think about, especially since hissy suffered wile's affection really well:


but, of course, the flip side of that line of thinking is that man, wouldn't it be nice to have a kitten for wile to grow up with instead of these two grumpy old felines who he wouldn't have the strength to hoist of the ground even if they'd let him... alas, that way madness (and sadness) lies.

so farewell, sweet hissy....



Anonymous said...

i hope hissy found a loving home and i know wile will enjoy loving kittens in his home in the years to come.

Brooklyn Jay said...

First off, thanks for calling me with that extra Mets ticket.


Third, The Yankees lost! (I hate. I admit it.)

If I score some tickets for this round you're so in.