Thursday, October 19, 2006

i thought having a boy meant not having to have that talk....

"that was really great that you just told me right after you pooped."


"but you know what would be better?"


"if you told me before you pooped—then we could run upstairs and you could poop in the potty."

"no—wile poop in diapy, mama wipe wile's butt."

"well, yeah, that's how we do things now, but soon you're going to stop wearing diapers, and poop in the potty all the time. mama and dada don't wear diapers, right?"

"mama wear diapys!"

"no, mama uses the potty."

"no, mama wear diapys!"

"no, mama....oh. ummmmm......"


Anonymous said...

I just laughed out loud in my quiet office on this listless Thursday afternoon.



hey mama said...

....and that's why i do this!