Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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you know how there were those boys who had girlfriends in 5th + 6th grade, but by the time they got to high school it was all over? they weren't cute anymore, the acne set in, or they were still the same height as they were in 6th grade.... they peaked too early, like a child actor who you know is never going to see celluloid past the age of 12.

well, what happens when you're a ladies' man at 18 months? at the moment, wile has 3 ladies competeing for his affections.

first there's gwen, mona's daughter. gwen proably qualifies as the girl-next-door (technically around-the-block). she's 13 months and had a vocabulary of about 20 words, one of which is "wi". as is, wi-le. she wakes up from her naps saying "wi? wi?", as if she's been dreaming about him. there have been several kisses between gwen and "wi", including a big fat wet one that engulfed her nose.

then there's our other friend, luella. lulu for short. 15 months. she's a twin, and her brother, iden, is a little bruiser who i think wouldn't have a problem taking wile down if he felt wile wasn't doing right by luella. she also says "wi", but it's not the first word out of her mouth when she wakes up (yet). wile has, on a couple of occasions, tackled lulu to the ground and kissed her, which has made her cry. methinks she doth protest too much.... the other day at playgroup i was holding wile on one hip and lulu on the other, and he gave her a kiss and she lit up with a huge smile.

then there's the older woman, macy. macy is 2-1/2, and a playgroup regular. i got an email from her mom last week telling me that macy talks about wile all the time at home. no kissing yet, but: we were at the park one day, before playgroup started up, and macy was there with her dad. we hadn't met them yet, but wile was intrigued with macy, and followed her around for a little while, though he wouldn't get close enough to actually make contact with her. playing it cool, you know. but they were playing ball together at playgroup on monday....

we're going to be the first baby playgroup to be cancelled due to catfights.

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too freaking cute!