Saturday, February 25, 2006

hello i must be going

1. i have been thinking in list form for the past few days, so the only way i'm going to get this post written is as a list.

2. i have been thinking in list form because we're getting on a plane tomorrow morning to head down to the sunshine state, and wile and i aren't coming back for 3 weeks. 3 weeks! the packing has been intense. mostly because the first leg of the trip is a jaunt to miami for the goldwyn-schmergel nuptuals. so part of my packing list my list was broken down by event. and i have one bag which is miami-only, which will come back with stephen when he returns home next week. in that bag are, among other things, 5 pairs of shoes. all with heels.

3. oh and the baby has been barfing all day!

4. and i got a haircut and i can't decide if it's fantastic or horrible.

5. i may be able to post from florida, but don't hold your breath.

6. i think wile's awake. yes, he is.

7. see you in a few weeks!

1 comment:

casey said...

sweet! have a wonderful time!