Wednesday, March 08, 2006

wish you were here

i'm in a public library because my mother has yet to bring the joy of the interweb in to her home, so this won't be long.

wile and i have entered phase 2 of spring break 2006: we have left behind the glamour of miami for the more prosaic, yet still awesome because it's 80 degrees out, charms of port saint lucie, spring training home of the mets and, more importantly, full-time home of the nana. wile and the nana are in the children's room while i'm typing this; every couple of minutes i can hear a "bah!" so i know he's okay.

wile has taken to nana in a big way. the first day we were here, they were hysterically laughing over a piece of dried flower that they found on the floor of her bedroom. she would say "what's that, wile?" and flick it across the floor, and he would crack the hell up. when she's not in his line of vision, he looks around and asks "nana? nana? nana?" until she comes back. the way he says her name is hysterical: it's less of a "na" sound than a "nyeh", like "nyeh-nyeh-nyeh-nyeh-nyeh". and the emphasis is on the second "nyeh", but that seems to be his vocal pattern in general. i'm "maMA", stephen is "daDA", the ball is "baBALL", the boobs are "baBOO". we think he's part french.

okay, my time on this computer is running down. if you never hear from me again, we probably got eaten by the alligators at the playground. no, for serious: there's a sign at the playground that says "beware of alligators". at the playground.

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