Saturday, January 21, 2006

lather rinse repeat

wile has begun to listen to things i say and spit them back out at me. which is exciting! really really exciting! but also leads to conversations like the one we had in the car today after a particularly long traffic light:

"that light was shhh....kunky"

"excuse me? did you say 'shkunky'?"

"well, i didn't want to say....what i wanted to say."

"so you settled on 'shkunky'?"



"well, 'skunky', really."

so, yeah, we're going to sound like idiots for a couple of years. which might be better than sounding like a longshoreman, which i often do now. find me a word that can't be improved by inserting a "fuck" in the middle. i dare you. but those days are behind me now, sadly....

the upside is, of course, the unbelievable cuteness of the quasi-words coming out of wile's mouth.

today we were in the living room playing cars and i smelled that telltale smell and said "wile, do you have poop in your diaper?" and he looked at me, tilted his head to one side, pointed to his butt, and said "poo?".

i'll trade a few "motherfucker"s for that, any day.


casey said...

how freaking adorable!

Anonymous said...

how exciting!!