Monday, May 14, 2007


i've been tagged. it's a blog thing.

here's the rules:

1. List 7 random facts about yourself on your blog
2. Tag 7 more blogs , making sure to let them know.

and away we go....

1) i have no spleen. or gall bladder. but i do have a lovely 18" scar on my abdomen, shaped like this: ^.

2) i hate bananas. but i love banana bread.

3) when i was in 8th grade, the popular girls (who were my best friends the year before) organized our entire class against me. they came up with a lovely nickname that i......nope, still can't talk about it. thought maybe i could, but no. it'll go to the grave. and when they "apologized", i was too shell-shocked to even tell them to eat shit and die. however: one of them got knocked up our senior year, one of them ended up married to the loser local cop who used to bust us for doing donuts in the school parking lot, and one of them got in a car accident and screwed up her throat in some such way that she can't speak above a whisper. lesson? don't fuck with me. hee. just kidding. maybe.

4) my favorite book is anne of green gables.

5) i didn't learn to ride a bike till i was 10 years old.

6) trucky has a recurring zit under his right armpit, and once a month or so, i squeeze it for him .

7) in 6th grade, for our "yearbook", we had to write an essay about what our lives would be like when we grew up. mine said that i would be living in a brownstone in new york city with my husband and some cats and that i would be an artist. yes, yes, yes, and working on it.

okay, so but as far as rule 2? i don't think i can hit 7. i'll do 3. i'll let you know if they comply...

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