Thursday, May 10, 2007

hello amoxicillin my old friend

so, it's strep throat. which, now that the worst of the illness seems to be over, is actually good news, since i've got the meds and hopefully i'll be back to normal by next week. i went to the walk-in clinic this morning and the doctor took one look at my throat and said "oh honey, i don't even need to swab you. you've got it." i have the kind of strep throat you can see from space.

the worst part, now that i can swallow without feeling like my saliva is made of crushed glass, is keeping up with wile, poor thing. i can't pitch. i can't dig. i'm no good in the joint. he's had it with me, and i don't blame him.

i'm going to go take a nap now, while he naps, but i'll leave you with this bit of entertainment: when we were up at aunt peg's house, wile got a rake and a hoe for his gardening work. which means i now get to hear him say, "mama, where my ho?"

and if you don't find that funny, we can't be friends.


casey said...

"mama, where my ho?"


and i hope you feel better quickly! strep sucks. xo

Elizabeth said...

The whole ho thing? It's quite possibly the funniest thing I have read all week! Hope you are feeling better!! xox