Tuesday, April 10, 2007

once more, and then i'll leave you alone. till fall.

okay, so as wile sleeps off his illin' on the couch, i've been getting in some time on the interweb, and i just watched a deleted scene from last week's episode of friday night lights and ended up bawling. this show, it just.....okay, every week i get so excited for the new episode, but then i tell myself to calm down a little, it can't be perfect and wonderful every week. but it is! every week, it totally knocks me on my ass.

and still, a second season is not entirely cemented.

so, i'm asking, one more time: check it out. you can watch all the episodes on nbc.com. or, if you don't feel like dealing with commercials, you can buy all the episodes on itunes. or you can wait till this summer when bravo will be airing at least one friday night lights marathon.

i'm doing this for your own good, i swear. watch. love. write to nbc and tell them not to cancel it.


Fat Asian Baby said...

tim riggins is mine!!!

hey mama said...

back off, lady.

(though, really, i'm sure he'd be happy to accomodate both of us...)