Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i need a nap

"wile, do you want some lip stuff?"


"here you go."

"no! not dat kind! otha kind!"

"why don't you just have this kind, i already have it open..."

"no, not want that kind [cups hands together], want that kind [hits edges of palms together]!"

"i...don't know what kind that is. would you like cherry?"


"okay. [procure cherry lip gloss.] here you go."



"want rose!"

"oh, you mean the kind i originally offerd you?"


"here you go."


"okay, no lip stuff."

[we make it ten feet down the sidewalk.]

"mama, want cheeeeese."

"i don't have any cheese."

"want cheese!"

"wile, i don't have any, how about--"

"please, mama, wile want cheese."

"that was very nice, but i still don't have any. here, have some apples."


[silence. sound of apples beign eaten.]



"dere's one apple on dis apple!"


"dere's one apple on dis apple, right here!"

"there's a piece of apple...on your apple?"

"no, one!"

"oh.... okay."

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