Sunday, December 03, 2006

close encounter

dear alien being who has apparently taken over wile's body,

it took me a little while to realize that my child had been possessed, or subsumed, or whatever it is you aliens call it when you enter a host body and start controlling it. but then we went out to lunch the other day, remember? and "wile" started eating the tofu out of my salad? tofu! and then he (you, whatever) asked to eat some of the "leaves". as in, the salad. the green salad. wile. the child who made his father dissect a piece of pizza to remove a microscopic shred of basil that was lurking below the cheese and ruining his entire dining experience. the child who thrusts his dumpling filling into my face and demands that i "take off!" the chives. this child asked me for lettuce. and he ate it! and asked for more! that's when i knew something was up. this was not my son.

then the next day, at playgroup, mona offerd him some ravioli with spinach. and he said yes. and he ate them. and asked for more. that sealed it. wile? was no longer with us.

so, i just wanted to acknowledge your presence, say how nice it is to have you around.

now maybe you could work on getting the host body to walk up the stairs on its own? great, thanks.


edited to add: photographic proof!


Terra said...

I was sure this was going to be about how the alien was making Wile do bad things. So glad to hear things aren't all trantrums and mind games during the terrible two's.

hey mama said...

oh no, i assume there's some sort of demon in there too, who causes all of the aggro/batshit crazy behavior.... i figure at some point they'll have an epic battle for his soul, i'm just pulling for the alien to win....