Sunday, September 03, 2006

it's official

my status as a project runway fan can be upgraded to "obsessed": i dreamt that i was on the show.

perhaps this is because i spent the evening re-watching last week's episiode and then reading this. and this. oh and this. and this!

i have a little bit of a history of this.... example: i didn't start watching buffy until it was in it's sixth season and they were showing reruns on fx. they showed two episodes, back to back, from 6 to 8 every night. i left work at 5:15 every night for three months and didn't miss an episode.

so, if you didn't already know this about me, now you do: when i get into something, i kind of zero in on it. much like a bloodhound. or a junkie.

no wonder i scared so many boys in high school/college....


Lesterhead said...

i am still mourning alison's departure. if vincent wins, i will just die.

annulla said...

You mean you haven't been listening to Tim's podcasts? He gives all the backstage dirt & bitching and tells how he really feels about the designers. Positively addictive.