Thursday, September 21, 2006

it's all in how you look at it

while he hasn't started throwing big drama-queen tantrums, or hitting, or any of the other "two" behaviors, wile is getting a little bossy. okay, fine, he's always been a little bossy. but now he is extremely verbal and specific in his bossiness. with most of his commands, you can easily understand the reasoning behind them:

"mama! stop comb wile's hair!"
(the hair combing really isn't much fun)

"mama, sit righ dere and dig, big geen shuyul."
(those rocks aren't going to move themselves!)

but sometimes he seems like he's just abusing his power:

"mama, no put hand dada's seat!"

"dada, put fork down, plate."

when he tosses out one of these more arbitrary directives, stephen sometimes asks why he asks us to do—or not do—such random stuff.

and my answer is this: to wile, "don't hit the walls with your bat" and "don't throw your food on the ground" and "yes, you have to wear pants" probably seem lik we're just pulling shit out of our asses.... i mean, really, pants? like, every day.....??

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