Wednesday, May 17, 2006

mmmm, varnished wood

i was in my closet this afternoon when i heard wile in our bedroom making a weird noise, kind of like panting.

i went in and found him standing next to stephen's dresser.

"what're you doing?" i asked him.

he grinned up at me, but no explanation.

then i noticed what looked like a wet spot on the side of stephen's dresser. and another on the side of my dresser. and another on the window.

"are you.....wile, did you lick daddy's dresser?"

he grinned up at me and—there's no better word for it—cackled. and then he licked the dresser.


Anonymous said...

he gets that from his daddy's side...

Anonymous said...

i'm speachless...

Dad said...

I've never licked a dresser, food of a kitchen table maybe, but not a dresser.

Anonymous said... far as you remember.