Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ah, young love

mona: you guys left wile's sweatshirt at our place on friday.

me: oh, whoops.

mona: yeah, gwen found it and brought it to me, saying "wile? sweatshirt? wile? try? on? on?"

me: heh.

mona: so we put it on, and she kept it on all afternoon. then when it was time to go to bed i tried to take it off and she flipped out, so we left it on.

me: she wanted to sleep in his jacket?

mona: yep.

me: oh, man.

mona: yep. and it was such a warm night, she was sweating like crazy, but she screamed when i tried to unzip it. i had to peel it off her after she fell asleep.


Anonymous said...

The Sarcasticv Idiocy Forum advocates the responsible use of cheddar cheese.

casey said...

boy, kids start young these days, don't they?

seriously - that is just too cute!

Anonymous said...

too cute!