Monday, July 11, 2005


at the playground today wile and i ran in to finn and his nanny deena, who we had met one time before. finn is 4 months older than wile—he was one of the walking babies who wile schooled in throwing skills—and a very sweet, gentle little guy who does a lot of observing and seems to really weigh his options before taking any actions.

wile and i were playing ball again, and finn and deena joined us. finn was getting better at throwing—doing a little overhand, even—and things were going fine. then finn took a little too long to get the ball back to wile. first wile looked at me, like "could you tell him to get a move on?" then he looked at finn, like "have you not played ball before? i believe i've even played ball with you before, so you should get the concept. i throw to you, you throw it back." then he looked back at me and started crying. oh dear. deena got finn to throw the ball back, and said "you know what, we have a ball with us too. i'll get it."

this seemed like a good solution—until finn threw his ball to wile, and wile was all "thanks, sucka", and wouldn't give it back. he had his ball in one hand and finn's ball in the other hand, and was not letting go. finn crawled over, reaching for the ball and whimpering/crying. deena said "huh, he's never cried over a toy before." oh, excellent.

apparently, i am that baby's mom....

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