Monday, July 11, 2005

the metropolitan museum of ba!!!!

wile and i went to the met with grandma barbara last week, and, well...i think we'll be sticking to children's museums for a couple of years.

wile made a fabulous discovery: when one is in a cavernous marble room with 50-foot ceilings, the noises that one makes create an echo! when we walked in to the medieval room just past the entrance, he innocently said "ba!"—and when he heard it come back to him, he sat up straighter in my arms and his eyes lit up as he looked around, all "did i do that?". so he tried again with another normal-volume "ba?" and when he heard the echo on that one again, he looked at me like "i am an acoustic god!!", and unleashed the most powerful "ba!!ba!!ba!!ba!!ba!!ba!!ba!!ba!!ba!!ba!!ba!!ba!!ba!!ba!!ba!!ba!!" i've ever heard.

we decided that the roof garden was the right place for us.

i told him it's a good thing he'e cute, or 100% of the looks we got would have been nasty, instead of only 50%.

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