Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the way life should be

so as all parents know, vacation with a toddler isn't really a relaxing break. it's kinda like life lived in extremes. you get the very very good—seeing best friends! going to the beach! lobster and steamers and whoopie pie! four square! fun wedding!—alongside the very very bad—off schedule! sleeping in odd places! subsequent screaming fits!

i have to give the litle man credit, he really mostly kicked ass. there was just one really bad day with much wailing and lamenting. and unfortunately with me, this day landed on the day that we were spending with my in-laws. sigh.

i'm kinda braindead from the 95˚ and the hunidity, so i'll just hit you with the highlights:

going electric

ocean with jess

maine 07

fried clams

maine 07


maine 07

the world's biggest lobster bib

maine 07

naked in echo lake

maine 07

digging (what, you thought there'd be no digging?)

4 great iPhotos


4 great iPhotos


4 great iPhotos

and, we're done.

4 great iPhotos


Anonymous said...

those pictures document your trip really well. sorry wile's bad day was with the in-laws; he was really wonderful here. it was great to have so much quality time with you guys.

Sarah said...


Terra said...

Four square was huge in my elementary school. Beautiful beach!

Magdalene said...

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