Monday, November 13, 2006

highs and lows

saturday started off good, got better, got bad, and ended worse.

it's always nice to be prepared for an unhappy ending, right?

so saturday morning we all got up at a decent hour and headed out to the farmer's market, my favorite weekly ritual. i shopped, wile and stephen played in the park....and then i hopped on the subway and took off for manhattan! all by my own self!

i cruised the apple store and played with the new macbooks, hopped over to uniqlo and gave in to my longings and bought myself some skinny jeans (hey, if a trend is meant for you, you have no choice but to give in), then made my way over to the real reason for my afternoon of non-mamahood: the taping of the pilot of the tv version of cringe. which was fantastic in its own right, and you must watch it when it airs on tlc, partly because it is hilarious and you'll get to see, among other things, a guy singing a song he wrote for his high school crush that contains the line "you took my heart and ate it like a ham on rye", and partly because i'm pretty sure you'll get to see me, as i was in a primo seat and the camera guy was way up in my grill. but then! it got better. because look who i met!


yes, that is who you think it is! before the taping started, my friend robin (there on the right in the photo in the black sweater), who got us the primo seat, pointed out that heather was sitting behind us and said we should go over together and ask for a picture, by which she meant we should go over together with me walking first and i should ask for a picture. which, obviously, we did, and i did, and heather was as nice as you could possibly imagine, and we only felt a little bit like dorks, and i refrained from telling her that i had emailed her about her piece on friday night lights because i didn't want to seem like a stalker, and though i look like refried butt in that photo it still makes me happy.

so, to recap so far: morning? good! afternoon? great!

then i went home.

and for a while things continued to be great, as the boys were still out (stephen having driven wile up to visit the grandparents in white plains so that he would nap in the car) and i had some home-to-myself time. but then they came home. and then stephen went down in the basement for some reason, i can't remember what, and wile and i heard him scream "FUCK!!!" because when he got to the bottom of the basement stairs he saw this:


apparently during the huge-ass rainstorm this past wednesday, our basement had flooded. which, three days later, left us with mud and many many soggy boxes of potentially ruined belongings. aaaaaaawesome.

we put wile to bed and started assessing the damage, carrying up stuff that was savable, making a big garbage pile, and generally feeling sad/angry. then at about 12:30 i was coming back down the muddy basement stairs and completely bit it. i tried to grab the wall and save myself but only succeeded in almost dislocating my left shoulder, and landed full-force on my ass anyway. i somehow got myself upstairs and out of my muddy (new!) jeans and boots and on to the couch, feeling the whole time like i was going to pass out. thus ended my basement adventures, and my day.

so, aftermath: we spent all of sunday bringing more stuff up, washing mud off stuff, reboxing stuff, throwing out all of my high school yearbooks (not entirely a bad thing....) and many of my childhood books that i was saving for wile (too sad too even think about....), etc.

at least one of us is happy about the house being full of cardboard boxes:






mad said...

I don't know where to begin. So sad that the stupid basement leaked. again. But good thing you had done lots of cleaning it out already for the stoop sale. (and a plus that it was only the basement that leaked this time, not the entire garden level floor like it used to in the good ol' days.) Onto happier things ... I cannot believe you got to meet heather. that makes me beyond excited. I so want her hair. (and leta's for that matter.)

Stephen said...

The stoop sale didn't really help. All that did was get the stuff out of the basement that we didn't want. The good stuff was still down there.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh... that completely and totally sucks. I feel your pain. Our basement here is, thankfully, dry as a bone, but I've lost many boxes of belongings to basement floods of the past... ugh.


And on a completely unrelated note, K, my dad passed away on November 7. (I should probably have emailed instead of commenting here, but let's face it, I'm a lazy fucker anyway.) I just got back from the hometown and all the hoopla. I'm not even going to pretend that I'm handling it well, because I'm not... but anyway, I figured I should let you know.