Monday, August 21, 2006

e-z bake

as if wile hadn't brought in a big enough haul at his birthday party, this weekend stephen's parents brought him his own kitchen. it has almost as much counter space as mine. it really is a wonderful thing: stephen's dad made it for wile's aunt susie when she was little, then it got passed on to cousins marcus and julia, then back to stephen's parents, and, one fresh coat of paint later, on to wile.

wile has grasped the concept of pretend quite firmly. here you can see him preparing some lovely noodles for me:


after noodles, of course, what you'll want is some cake:


potholders? feh! potholders are for sissies!


why yes, it does look delicious


what, this isn't how you serve your cake?


and finally, one can enjoy the fruits of one's labors...


other notable news this week:

-- he's switched from wanting everything "big" to wanting everything "yodee diny" (trans: "little tiny"). we'll see how long this one lasts....

-- he has started to say okay, except it comes out "otay." i just about choke trying not to laugh every single time.

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Anonymous said...

i love, love, love the ez bake photos! i can't wait to come to a 'pretend' dinner party. ps- nice tank.
-auntie s