Wednesday, June 28, 2006

kibbitz and bits

hi, we're back! in case my last mysterioso post was too mysterioso for you, the san francisco bay area is where we're back from. and we had a kick-ass time.

alas, this is not the vacation wrap-up extravaganza post. oh no no no. i'm too jet-lagged for that—we arrived home at 6am. which is 3am california time. which means yes, god help us, we flew the red-eye with a toddler. and we didn't get him his own seat, as this was our last chance for him to take advantage of the kids-under-2-fly-free rule. which means that he slept on my lap. and have i mentioned in the past that he's a crazy sleeper? a flailer and flopper and twister? at home, he always ends up sideways and upside-down in his bed. in my lap, sideways and upside-down is less of a do-able task, so he'd come to when he tried to accomplish some feat of nocturnal gymnastics. he'd only fuss for a minute then go back down, but the problem was that once he got "comfortable" (head in my armpit, butt up, left leg resting on the edge of my upright-and-locked tray table, right leg extended with my headphones dangling from his toes, left hand stuffed down my bra) i was generally not comfortable, and afraid to move lest i awaken him again. so i got about....oh....15 minutes of good sleep.

plus i'm still waiting for my approximately 1335 photos to load in to the computer.

but here's a little anecdote to hold you over:

it was our second-to-last day in san fran, staying at a british-type bed-and-breakfast/inn place that was just ducky. we had been out all day gallivanting, and were making a quick pit stop at our room before heading out for dinner with aunite tam, aunt sadie, kramer, and baby charlie. we were standing at the door to our room, getting out the keys, and laughing about something silly that wile had just done or said, when we hear a voice from the room next door say "stop laughing!" i looked at stephen for a second, then, of course, laughed. and again, the voice said "stop laughing!" i looked in the direction of the voice and asked, "are you talking to us?" the voice said, "yes!" to which, of course, i laughed again. and the voice said, "stop it! you've been out there all day making noise! stop it!" i replied, "we just got home and have been in the hallway for about 20 seconds, unlocking our door." the voice begged to differ: "i've heard you out there all day, kibbitzing! stop kibbitzing in the hallway!" kibbitzing!!! i almost fell down laughing. the voice, predictably, told me once again to "stop it!" i managed to catch my breath to say, "honestly, if you don't want to hear other people, perhaps you shouldn't be staying in a hotel." by this point stephen had gotten the door unlocked and he and wile had retreated in to our room, so i was the only one left in the hallway to hear the voice say, once more, "stop kibbitzing!" i picked up the last of our bags, said "lady, you need to get a grip," and went in to our room. and locked the door. just in case.


casey said...

kibbitzing! haha! crazy people are awesome.

glad to hear it was a good time! the cryptic post did leave me wondering where you went to... i'm not good with puzzles. ;) can't wait to see the pics! xo

Anonymous said...

what a crazy ninny!