Friday, December 09, 2005

but honey, think of how boring life would be if you had married someone sane

last night:

"you left the light on in the basement earlier."

"the one that you have to go down and turn off with the pull cord?"


"oh, you'll have to go down and turn it off."


"i'm not going down there."

"why not?"

"i can't go down there now."

"what do you mean?"

"haven't you noticed that i haven't been taking stuff down to the basement from the back room [the one that we're clearing out to have fixed up into a playroom for wile] in the evenings after wile goes to bed? it's because i can't go down into the basement at night."

"huh. i thought it was my fault that the back room wasn't getting cleared out."

"nope. i'd do it, but i can't do it at night."

"you know, the basement is dark during the day too. no windows."

"i know."

"so it's the same thing!"


"it is."

"i'm not going down there."

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Anonymous said...

i agree. that's a scary place. no need to venture down at night!-sass