Tuesday, November 29, 2005

warning: contains materials unsuitable for children

this past summer, when we were in maine, i bought wile a stuffed animal hedgehog. i've always loved hedgehogs, especially mrs. tiggy winkle, and the one i found in pemaquid was especially cute. hedgehog mostly hangs out in wile's crib, which is next to our bed, and often when i come in to the room and catch a glimpse of hedgehog out of the corner of my eye i think it's a cat curled up in the crib.

well, apparently so does trucky. specifically, a girl cat. more specifically, a girl cat in heat. i have to assume that's the case, because that's the only thing that would explain what stephen and i saw when we turned on the light in the bedroom last night: trucky humping the bejeezus out of hedgehog. he had mounted her, had the nape of her neck firmly clamped in a love bite, and was giving it to her full force, going at it like we hadn't had his balls removed six years ago. i really truly wish that i'd been able to capture the act on film, but i was laughing too hard. we did manage to get some post-coital shots:

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cigarette, anyone?

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we should probably wash those sheets....

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was it good for you, baby?

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that's my sweet piece of hedgehog ass, bro. keep it moving.

there was a matted spot on hedgehog's fur near her head from where trucky was biting her and a matted spot near her bottom end that...i don't want to think about.


Anonymous said...

EEEEW! well, i guess even a neutered, middle-aged cat still deserves some lovin'...?

mad said...

That's it. It's been rocky for a while, but Trucky and I are officially through. Jeez, even my cat boyfriends cheat on me ...