Wednesday, October 19, 2005

no, i'm not a furry

one of the tactics that the baby books suggest in the war for sleep is getting the baby attached to a stuffed animal, or, as the books puts it, to make a stuffed animal his "lovey". the theory being that it will help them to not freak out when they wake up in the middle of the night if they have their trusty lovey by their side.

so we're working on this with lamby, who was given to wile while he was still in the womb by aunt sarah, and is the softest thing i've ever felt. the boo likes to give lamby kisses, and always seems happy to see him, so he seemed like a good candidate. i put lamby in my lap with wile when he nurses, and we cuddle with him, and it seems to be taking.

the only problem is that whenever i go to think the words "make lamby his lovey", the phrase that instead pops into my depraved head is "make lamby his bitch." which conjures up all kinds of images of lamby in a gimp mask and ass-less chaps, and that just isn't right.


Anonymous said...

i hope lamby does the trick!! i'd be so proud if by chance i were to be able to help win the war of sleep.

-auntie sass

mad said...

I just spit out my wine. The "I'm born to be a mother" post ... followed by dominatrix lamby post caught me slightly off guard!

Perhaps if lamby wore some leather chaps, he'd be more entertaining at 2am when Wile woke up?! I mean a lamby wearing leather, singing prince and old madonna would have been far better company than the lamb I had that just looked back at me blankly!